Taro Purple Heart Button Fake Two Top

Size : S

The cool-toned lavender color brings out a fair and rosy complexion with a faux two-piece design. The curved collar highlights the clavicle and offers a high elasticity. The knitted fabric is soft and comfortable, showcasing a flattering figure. The lavender heart-shaped buttons resemble sweet candies, instantly bringing a good mood when seen.
Material: high elastic knitted fabric, 50% TR, 50% cotton

Size Height Weight(Kg) Back Length Shoulder Waistline Cuff Sleeve Length Bust
S 155-160cm 40-45kg 28cm 35cm 56cm 18cm 63cm 70cm
M 160-165cm 45-50kg 28.8cm 36cm 60cm 19cm 64cm 74cm
L 165-179cm 50-55kg 29.6cm 37cm 64cm 20cm 65cm 78cm
Recommended size(for reference only)
Height Weight Body shape Recommended size
158cm 40kg whole body thin S
163cm 43kg Thin waist S
166cm 51kg Big bust M
172cm 53kg Shapely body M
169cm 60kg Plump L
175cm 63kg Pear shaped body L