Satin-dyed Embroidered Camisole

Size : S

This color scheme has a very American retro feel. The sling design is age-reducing and playful. After continuous adjustment of the version, it is a style that can cover the side chest. There is also an exquisite embroidered logo on the front chest. Look carefully at the shoulder straps and two embroidered hearts, full of details.
Material: 6% Wool, 30% Acrylic, 20% Nylon, 44% Polyester Fibers

Size Height Weight Bust Shoulder Clothes Length Back Length
S 155-160cm 40-47.5kg 33cm 22cm 39cm 18cm
M 160-165cm 47.5-55kg 34.5cm 22.8cm 41cm 19cm
L 165-179cm 55-60kg 36cm 23.6cm 43cm 20cm
Recommended size(for reference only)
Height Weight Body shape Recommended size
158cm 40kg whole body thin S
163cm 43kg Thin waist S
166cm 51kg Big bust M
172cm 53kg Shapely body M
169cm 60kg Plump L
175cm 63kg Pear shaped body L