Retro Green Newspaper Print Camisole

Size : S

The fabric is a high-stretch mesh fabric, stretch, good inclusion of the body, retro green plus newspaper print pattern is very unique, very white yo, the hem of the front long after the short design, the belly meat is also very friendly yo, this also comes with the chest do not have to consider wearing any underwear yo, the design of the fishbone more lining the body, this cost-effective ultra-high can not be missed.
Material: 92% polyester fiber, 8% spandex

Size Height Weight Back Length Bust Back Zipper Length
S 155-160cm 40-47.5kg 24cm 74cm 23.5cm
M 160-165cm 45-57.5kg 24.6cm 80cm 24cm
L 165-179cm 55-62.5kg 25.2cm 86cm 25cm
Recommended size(for reference only)
Height Weight Body shape Recommended size
158cm 40kg whole body thin S
163cm 43kg Thin waist S
166cm 51kg Big bust M
172cm 53kg Shapely body M
169cm 60kg Plump L
175cm 63kg Pear shaped body L